Peter Williams Interview

Peter Williams Interview

You can read this and other articles in the Rebirth Magazine – August 2020

Internationally renowned psychic medium Peter Williams is able to bridge the gap between the world of Spirit and the world of the living. With these abilities, and with the help of Spirit, he can directly access the information that is important to you here and now regardless of the topic.

Q How did you first discover you had a gift?

A  When I was an adolescent, 14 to be exact, I literally went searching for anything spiritual or new age.

To this day I still do not know what made me do so, but I was lucky enough that the internet was around and I found a site that changed my life forever. It was at this age I had my first experience with Spirit through physical mediumship known as automatic writing (a process where a spirit uses your hand to write a message).

From that one night, my spiritual journey began. It was a little difficult for the first few years as I did not really have anyone who I could confide in with what I could do. It was not until I was 17 that I could really start exploring this side of myself more. I decided to buy my first deck of tarot cards and eventually taught myself how to read them. It was from this point that I started to do readings for friends and soon enough friends of friends. I was more than happy to oblige as now I had more opportunity to practice.

Q You practice something called ‘automatic writing’ – Can you explain what that is?

A  It is a process where you place yourself into a deep state of meditation and then you allow Spirit to actively take control of your hand to write a message.

Q Do you still use ‘automatic writing’ to guide you? Can anyone do this?

A  It is a practice that I seldom use for myself these days unless I am ‘called’ to do so. There are times where Spirit do wish to have a little more formal communication with me and when I hear this call, I do take the time out and use the process. There is something immensely powerful in the written word. It gives a greater sense of reality and grounding to the thoughts, words and voices that are within. The other benefit of this process is that you then have a record of the conversation to reflect on whenever you need to. I know that I have pieces if writing from years again that I do go back and read from time to time and still find hidden messages in them.

Just like another other ability in the metaphysical area, this is a process that anyone can practice and use. It is not necessarily the easiest, but like anything the effort you put in is well worth it. I owe a big part of my life and career as medium to this craft. Like many other skills, automatic writing can be hard to develop if you see a lack of process. When I teach and show students how to connect with themselves, their intuition, or their guides it can be hard to know whether you are hearing your voice or that of Spirit. With automatic writing it can help eliminate this issue as you are working physically. When starting out though, one will most likely end up with a whole bunch of chicken scratch. Now this is can be very disheartening when starting, but over time and with practice that scribble will form into words, sentences and eventually pages of channelled messages. The best part about this process is, if you can get past the initial scribbling you will see ‘physical’ evidence of yourself fine tuning ‘your radio’ to get the correct station. When that happens it is simply amazing!

Hopefully now you can understand that while everyone has the ability to learn and use this specific skill, it is hard for the majority of people to get it to a point where it might prove useful.

Q You recently published your first book Searching Spirit – can you tell us a little more about that?

A  Yes, it was nice to finally get the book out there. It is the story of me and how I found myself to be in the position I am today – a fulltime psychic-medium. It is my journey. The main reason for writing the book is to show people about the main spiritual lessons in life. I help to show people how to see, identify, understand and decipher these lessons and how they might apply them in their own life. Ultimately it can help them to have a breakthrough in their life too, to make it more positive and uplifting.

Q Does Spirit have a positive message to share with us today?

A  The biggest message that Spirit has for us currently is ‘to stay positive and focus forward.’ It is not the time to be focusing on things ‘right now’, but rather to focus on how we want things to be in six to twelve months from now. During these very unprecedented times, it is easy for a lot us of to go back to what we know. To what we know, trust and works, to help us get through this short period. However, Spirit has shown me that going into this form of thinking and action is coming from a place of fear. We must do our best not to fall back into this mode, but rather embrace the change and focus on growth. We have ultimately been given an exceedingly rare and valuable opportunity to focus forward and forge a life and path that we want for ourselves. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be work to be done. Quite the contrary! If we are willing to look at ourselves seriously, focus on what we want and put in the work, we can see the Spirit and Universe are supporting us in our endeavours.

Q You’ve just started your own podcast.  Would you like to share what’s coming up?

A  Yes, I have and it is really exciting! The podcast was one of those things that I needed to step up and work at as part of my growth. It is the Pearls of Wisdow (POW) podcast and is an extension of the Pearls of Wisdom online membership community that I started this year.

We have some exciting guests, both Australia and overseas based, lined up and we cover a whole range of spiritual and holistic health topics. All guests have their own inspirational story and share with us their expertise and insights on how to make our lives better.

Some of the topics coming up include Past Life Regression, the use of hypnosis for spiritual discovery, the journey of making your card deck, learning to trust the process of starting your spiritual business, the evolving consciousness of human kind and many more. Each episode is released monthly and is held live over zoom where people can interact and ask questions after the main discussion.

In addition to that, POW members can get access to an exclusive bonus session with our guests the following week after the main podcast is finished.

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