Become Fearless with Lysa Michel

Become Fearless with Lysa Michel

You can read this and other articles in the RE-LAUNCH Edition of Rebirth Magazine – June 2020

1  Stay calm, don’t panic or react

Stay calm so you can see things clearly, ask questions, as many as you can to get the answers you need to then make an informed decision.

Like everything in life, when we allow fear to build, anxiety rises, we tend to panic and then our decisions are not coming from a clear space.

Everything in our life is based around decisions, even in this time, let this be an amazing teacher for you in how to stay calm, patient and be well informed instead of rushing and making decisions you might regret.

2  Be diligent, take necessary precautions but don’t jump the gun

Use your due diligence to know what are the right steps for you to take all the necessary precautions but don’t jump the gun or stop living, don’t allow your mind to go into the state of doomsday.

Every day I talk to people that in some way have been going through challenging times and unfortunately many feel life will end for them when faced with any type of uncertainty.

I am not downplaying the seriousness of anything, but let me be clear that I am saying we have a choice in how we can train our mind to move into a state of ‘solution’ rather than ‘it’s all over’.

With a solution based mindset, you are more likely to move things less irrationally, there will be less emotional reactivity and the ability to be able to navigate through just about any situation you are faced with.

A strong mindset based around finding proactive solutions will not only support you emotionally but it will help you to see things from a clearer perspective, in turn making life and the possibilities more favourable.

This allows you to be able to enforce the law of manifestation.

3  Activating the law of manifestation energetically

Activating the law of manifestation focuses on a strong belief that when you are aligned with that which you want to attract becomes magnetized to you.

It is a very powerful energetic state that is underestimated by the greater population, and in fact, ridiculed by many.

That is because one crucial step is most often ignored, the art of surrender.

When you surrender to the ‘knowing’ that you will be taken care of and you walk, talk and act in energetic alignment with that belief you will find it appear to you without much effort.

If you ask, and you don’t receive immediately many people fall into the trap of demanding it, trying to control it whereas the energy of attraction is actually patient, focused and a ‘knowing’ that it will be yours regardless of the time or how it is meant to happen.

What also tends to happen is we become impatient and choose something else instead of being available for the very thing they want to find its way to us.

It takes a great deal of awareness and a deep soul connection to be able to stand in alignment with our truth and be able to stay strong and go the distance.

4  Be aware and ready

Start developing and using your intuition.

We are all born with intuition, a ‘gut’ feeling about things.

We can sense when our partner walks into the room unhappy or when something is wrong with our children or parents, siblings or friends.

This intuition, this sense of awareness can be broadened in every area of your life in any situation.

This also assists with reducing the reactivity to things, creates more harmony and balance in the body and mind, and supports our aligned decisions with being more patient moving forward.

To become more aware take time to sit, breathe, and really look at things surrounding you.

This might be inside your house, in your garden, people watching or stepping back and becoming more of an observer in conversations where you really listen to what is being said before jumping in.

Many of our important cues can be found in active listening, paying attention to the movements of others and in the feeling that is emanated from a person during their conversation.

This is about learning how to communicate intuitively without requiring words or actions specifically to be demonstrated by direction.

5  Have an attitude of gratitude and compassion

When we can reflect upon our lives and truly be thankful for everything life has given to us we can begin to have more compassion for those around us who may not have been dealt the same hand and have not learned the above 4 lessons by anyone to teach them how to live without fear.

It doesn’t excuse hurtful behaviour by any means but it affords us the opportunity to become more understanding of their situation or circumstance.

If we have the belief that we are truly taken care of and that our life is as it is meant to be as we have chosen to live our lives with the belief that we know who we are and through alignment, all that is meant for us will be, then we no longer fear sharing or connecting with others knowing that the outcome will be as it is meant to be, as predestined by the blueprint of life we came here with when we were born.

With this sense of knowing, we can truly understand and see the world around us, our lives and the lives of others from a different perspective and it may well, in fact, show us what is and is not truly important to us.

I am a believer that fear is not welcome as it detracts the mind from what is important and where our focus needs to be and that is on helping ourselves and others and living our lives to our greatest potential. Faith is our greatest solace at this time as it releases us from the wrath of

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