Interview with Inna Segal

Interview with Inna Segal

“I feel like we all have the capacity to heal ourselves if we connect to the wisdom of our body and soul.”

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Inna Segal is a best-selling author and the creator of The Secret Language of Colour Cards and Heal Yourself Reading Cards, Mystical Healing Cards and many online and audio programs.

There is no doubt we have a lot to learn from this talented woman and luckily for us, Inna took some time out from her busy schedule to answer some pressing questions.  

Q  Inna how did you come to be where you are today – give me a brief overview of your journey to your spiritual career?

A  I originally started my journey because I was unwell. I had psoriasis all over my knees and elbows, digestive problems and constant back pain. After seeing practitioner after practitioner for years, I decided to take responsibility when a chiropractor told me that he couldn’t help me – and heal myself. At that time, I was able to tune into my body and discover its language. I then realised that I was able to intuitively see into other people’s physical, mental and emotional challenges. I did one on one healing work with people for years and then decided to write a book, The Secret Language of your Body. This book became a worldwide best seller and I started to travel and teach people how to heal themselves. I also wrote another book and several card decks as well as creating online audio and video programs.

Around 5 years ago I took some time out to deepen my healing practice and spiritual understanding by delving deeper into mystery knowledge. This gave me more insight both into healing and who we are as spiritual beings. In the last few years I have combined this teaching with my healing work and have been travelling around Australia helping as many people as possible wake up to their true nature.

Q What has been your biggest life lesson thus far?  How and what did you learn from it?

A  My biggest lesson has been to recognise the roles of soul and spirit in who we are and incorporate this wisdom into my teachings. I learnt that spirit is the eternal part of us. This part comes with us into every lifetime. The soul is the part of us that experiences sensations, desires, feelings, likes and dislikes. I believe that we are here to refine different aspects of our personality which is a huge part of the soul. This is essentially what my books are about. I have also learnt that when we let go of fear and discover what happens after we cross the gate of death; we learn more about how to live our lives.  And that everything we do now is creating our future body and life.

Q  Can anyone learn to do what they love for a living?

A  I believe that we all have a destiny. For some people, part of their purpose in life is to do the things they love and make a living from it. For others, their purpose is to grow from challenges with their family, children, and life conditions. Nothing is random though. The soul is wildly intelligent and will constantly guide you towards what you came here to learn. But what I do believe is that, no matter what we do, we can learn to do it from a place of love.

Q  Do you feel like we are all healers?

A  I feel like we all have the capacity to heal ourselves if we connect to the wisdom of our body and soul. At the same time, I’m aware that based on what people have experienced in past incarnations, they could heal faster or slower. I believe that we are here to heal different aspects of our lives and that we are at a time when learning the basic skills of tuning into the body and healing is a great necessity as opposed to a luxury.

Q  What are your top tips for readers to transform their lives?

A  Slow down. Breathe deeper and feel your feelings. Befriend them instead of pushing them away. Place your hands on your heart. Feel what is going on inside your heart. If your heart feels heavy or disconnected – imagine that it has a voice. Ask- ‘what do you need me to understand so that I can create change?’ Truly listen and write down the message. Then send beautiful, yellow light into your heart. Let it awaken the light, inspiration and love in your heart. Involve your heart in everything you do.

I also encourage you to learn how to tune into your body and listen to its guidance. Work on your relationships and your communication as those two can either help your body heal or destroy it. And also learn about your true spiritual nature. Then create a daily healing practice that you can do morning, afternoon and night to strengthen yourself on all levels.

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