David Laws Manifesting Magic in a Crisis

David Laws Manifesting Magic in a Crisis

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A couple of weeks ago I was travelling back from Sydney in my glorious old classic Riley Sports Saloon, a stunning old lady I’ve affectionately named Audrey, (after the late, great British actress Audrey Hepburn). Audrey is a completely coach built (hand made) British classic car that was built in 1949 and she performs beautifully for a 71 year old vehicle!

As I drove up the busy Sydney Newcastle Pacific Expressway she suddenly displayed a red light on her dash and started shuddering before she completely stalled at 100 kph! Coasting to a halt at the side of this busy expressway I stopped and as crazy as this sounds, I just relaxed coz I JUST KNEW there’d be a perfect solution to the situation. I called road side assistance and they immediately dispatched a rescue tow truck to come to my aid. Now, most people would be stressed to the max if they broke down on a highway, especially 800kms from home, but not me! I just smiled and thought, ok, obviously it’s time for another adventure! Well little did I know what was in store . . .

Incredibly, within just 10 mins of breaking down I received a message on FB Messenger from a lady whom I’d never physically met, asking me if I was ok as she had just passed me and recognised Audrey from pictures she’d seen of her on my FB pages! Incredibly, Jullie was travelling just ten minutes behind me and she actually wondered if she’d pass me as she had seen my story on FB that morning that mentioned I was driving back to Queensalnd! She was travelling back to Newcastle after spending the weekend in Sydney and she stopped up the road to ask if I needed assistance.

After my car was assessed by a local mechanic I decided to put her on a truck and send her back to Queensland for repairs with my personal mechanic and my car care insurance package organised a hire car for me to get me home. So Jullie came and picked me up and I stayed with her for two extraordinary nights in the quaintest little waterfront suburb. I had never physically met this lady before, but ironically she’d had an online reading with me just a couple of weeks prior to my breakdown! She lives on Lake Macquarie near Newcastle and her glorious home has the most stunning views over the lake! I was treated like  Royalty whilst I was there and she actually told me that after meeting me online for the reading, she wanted to hang out and spend some time with me to chat about the power of manifesting and to learn more about the spiritual path! Well talk about ask and you shall receive! Her wish came true!

So, a simple loose wire behind the ignition caused a complete change of travel plan that day and connected two like minded souls who have now become the firmest of friends! And look where I ended up staying for two fabulous nights with my new found friend! This happens to me ALL the time! If something goes wrong I NEVER get stressed because I know The Universe has my back. It’s called unwavering faith in manifesting a perfect outcome in any situation you find yourself in. Too many people think that manifesting is only about the power to manifest material things but my experience on a busy freeway a couple of weeks ago, demonstrated that even on a long trip The Universe made sure an earth Angel was travelling a few minutes behind me, ready to stop and offer some warm, home grown hospitality when things didn’t go according to plan!!

Happy Manifesting my lovely friends!


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