Victoria Cochrane (M.ED.)

Victoria Cochrane

Victoria Cochrane (M.ED.) learned to channel when she was contacted by her maternal grandfather in 2008. After a week of learning to ‘hear’ his words, which were like thoughts that weren’t her own, she enrolled in a spiritual development course. In the first meditation, she was taken to the Seventh Plane of Existence and then the Angels’ Garden, where she met Archangel Michael, and her awakening began.

Since then, Victoria, a trained primary school teacher, has become a Usui Reiki master teacher and an Advanced Theta® Healing practitioner. Named the 2019 Tasmanian Psychic Expo’s Psychic of the Year, she is a talented clairvoyant, psychic channel, medium, medical intuitive and energy healer.

Victoria works with divine energy to help people to lift their past trauma, past-life trauma, emotional trauma and negative belief systems in order to move forward in life. She also helps people to contact their angel and spirit guides, writes and teaches meditations and tutors people to help develop their own psychic and spiritual paths.
Victoria has authored four books, all channelled from the masters of the Cosmic Council and appears regularly in podcasts and online shows.

Living with her husband, Richy, on the NW Coast of Tasmania, Victoria conducts readings and healings by appointment in her healing room in Wynyard, or online via video call.

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