Rebecca Lee

Rebecca Lee

Rebecca-Lee’s work will take you deep into your heart and connect you to your Soul. Her work encompasses the mind, body and Spirit and takes you journeying through your energetic body, then into the higher ethers and beyond, whilst keeping you grounded in your body and on the earth.

She is a strong advocate for truth, justice, self-love and self-responsibility. She is passionate about inspiring and motivating her clients that they have the power to awaken to their highest potential and determine the life they want to live beyond personal and ancestral karmic patterns.

Her work integrates many of her different gifts, experience and knowledge, and she often does not have one defining label to describe “who” she is. At best she describes her key roles as an Intuitive Energy Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, Soul Coach and Ancestral Medium.

Her life and work experiences have benefited a diverse range of people for over a decade. Her intuitive insights and understanding of the Soul assists people in unlocking karmic soul patterns and understanding the nature of subtle energy.

Her programs are primarily designed for the Rainbow Warriors – the indigo’s, change seers, lightworkers, and empaths who are here to expose and heal the darkness and bring forth the new world on earth.

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