Merendi Leverett

Merendi Leverett

Merendi is a vibrant & passionate Spiritual healer who is an accredited Crystal Healer, Numerologist, certified SoulLife® Recall Regression Therapist, and certified Women & Teens Circle Facilitator. Merendi is currently training to become Reiki healer and Holistic counsellor.

With her unique skills, she provides expert & professional advice in all areas of your life. She has a particular interest in empowering women to take control of their lives and remind them that they can achieve anything they desire to. She can provide you with spiritual guidance and can help heal your mind, body & soul.

Merendi was always very psychic as a child and recalls having spirit visit her, experiencing out of body experiences and déjà vu where she saw herself in the past or future. It has only been since her father’s passing in 2009 that she reconnected with her psychic skills and spirit guides to rediscover her true love and calling in life.

Merendi has an interesting and uncanny way of combining her health and psychic skills to guide and empower her clients to find their life purpose and to bring true joy into their lives. Merendi offers one-on-one, face-to-face and zoom sessions. She also runs regular women’s and teen circles.

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