Melissa Mills

Melissa Mills

Melissa Mills is a Medium and Soulful Alignment Mentor based in New Zealand.

Over the years, she has worked with thousands of people globally.  She uses her skills as a medium, intuitive, mentor and interpreter to source energy to assist clients on their path of Soulful Alignment.  Some have never had a spiritual experience, and some are reputable spiritual leaders, and of course, everything in between.

Melissa is deeply passionate about bringing mediumship to the forefront of spiritual enlightenment.  She believes that our loved ones in spirit are our direct access to the infinite stream of unconditional love making mediumship one of the most powerful gifts we have for humanity.

Melissa shares her gift with her Whispers from Above events (on stage and also virtually), her popular reUnited online course and now her Whispers from Above Mediumship cards which contain beautiful message she has heard from loved ones in spirit.

She has been featured on television, radio and magazines spreading her message of modern mediumship.

Melissa has seen so many people suffering in grief and not being able to carry on living their lives. This is why she is genuinely passionate about making mediumship the norm.

“I believe everyone is a medium, and I’m here to re-awaken that ability in you.”

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