Leonie Featherstone

Leonie Featherstone

After life-saving treatment from the Royal Flying Doctor service when living in the outback of Australia, Leonie’s purpose in life has always been to give back to the community.

With an employment record closely resembling a patchwork quilt, she became passionately self-employed building direct sales teams, consulting to companies and delivering tailor-made corporate training solutions nationally and internationally.

Today, Leonie’s teachings are delivered on a platform of aromatic essences as she combines facts, humour and inspiration to inform, educate and inspire others to implement immediate changes to their lives by bringing more health and harmony into each day with balanced holistic health practices and doTERRA Essential Oils.

Along the way Leonie has authored two books:

A Way With Words’

– Sentiments for all Occasions


How To Get More Done In Your Day

There are more in the pipeline as she fulfills her purpose to empower others to Come To Their Senses and Become The Best They Can Be!

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